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Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research. The incidence, characteristics, management and outcomes of anaphylaxis in pregnancy: a population-based descriptive study. Further actions are needed to prevent maternal deaths from epilepsy. JAMA Neurology. Br J Haematol. Indirect maternal deaths: UK and global perspectives.

Obstetric Medicine. Updated birth weight centiles for England and Wales. Association between father involvement and attitudes in early child-rearing and depressive symptoms in the pre-adolescent period in a UK birth cohort.

Hormone-secreting adrenal tumours cause severe hypertension and high rates of poor pregnancy outcome; a UKOSS study with case control comparisons. Neonatal outcomes after failed tracheal intubation during obstetric general anaesthesia for caesarean section: Secondary analysis of a UKOSS case-control study. Med Care. Glibenclamide and metformin versus standard care in gestational diabetes GRACES : a feasibility open label randomised trial.

Each baby counts: National quality improvement programme to reduce intrapartum-related deaths and brain injuries in term babies. Defining definitions: a Delphi study to develop a core outcome set for conditions of severe maternal morbidity. Link to the publication or abstract Shakespeare J, Knight M. Br J Gen Pract.

The Mirror and the Image 1100–1500

This is a qualitative case study that used face-to-face semi-structured in-depth interviews IDIs and focus group discussions FGDs for data collection. Info effectively utilized.. Such a lingo of uniqueness is often replete with superlatives that are applied by advertising, brochure copy and travel writing to the natural and built environment. The goal is to provide more human like behavior. The effect of entry mode ," Economic Modelling , Elsevier, vol. See citations under working paper version above. Analysis always relates to rational mind when a person builds a "rule firewall".

Infographic: physical activity for pregnant women. Br J Sports Med. Physical activity for pregnant women: an infographic for healthcare professionals. Perinatal risk factors for neonatal encephalopathy: an unmatched case-control study. Obstetric Anesthesia Digest.


Classification of maternal deaths: where does the chain of events start? Maternal mortality: direct or indirect has become irrelevant. The Lancet Global Health. Mechanical prosthetic heart valves MPHV in pregnancy are associated with a high risk of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. Maternal morbidity and mortality from severe sepsis: a national cohort study. Pregnancy outcomes in myeloproliferative neoplasms: UK prospective cohort study.

Development of a core outcome set for use in determining the overall success of gastroschisis treatment. N Engl J Med. Perinatal health care services for imprisoned pregnant women and associated outcomes: a systematic review. Link to the publication or abstract Brocklehurst P. A study of an intelligent system to support decision making in the management of labour using the cardiotocograph — the INFANT study protocol.

Use of hierarchical models to analyze European trends in congenital anomaly prevalence.

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for art PDF · paper money litterature documents t french edition PDF jewish customs domestic and religious with explanatory notes volume 1 PDF. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Paper Money (Littérature & Documents t. ) (French Edition) file.

Long-term cognitive and school outcomes of late-preterm and early-term births: a systematic review. Child Care Health Dev. Link to the publication or abstract Coronis Collaborative Group.

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Bifidobacterium breve BBG in very preterm infants: a randomised controlled phase 3 trial. A randomised controlled trial of the probiotic Bifidobacterium breve BBG in preterm babies to prevent sepsis, necrotising enterocolitis and death: the Probiotics in Preterm infants PiPS trial. Health Technol Assess.

Neurodevelopmental outcome at 2 years of age after general anaesthesia and awake-regional anaesthesia in infancy GAS : an international multicentre, randomised controlled trial. Maternal influenza and birth outcomes: systematic review of comparative studies.

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Pregnancy at very advanced maternal age: a UK population-based cohort study. Link to the publication or abstract Gale C, Juszczak E. A paediatrician's guide to clinical trials units. Evaluation of the effects of an offer of a monetary incentive on the rate of questionnaire return during follow-up of a clinical trial: a randomised study within a trial. Stillbirths: economic and psychosocial consequences. Impact of preterm birth on maternal well-being and women's perceptions of their baby: a population-based survey.

Does family-centred neonatal discharge planning reduce healthcare usage? A before and after study in South West England. Link to the publication or abstract Kemp B, Knight M. Maternal mortality in the UK: an update.

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Link to the publication or abstract Knight M. Oxytocin and arterial embolisation: use or overuse? Trends in maternal morbidity relating to time of delivery need further exploration. Evidence Based Nursing. Link to the publication or abstract Knight M, Churchill D. Late preterm rupture of membranes: it pays to wait. Obstet Gynecol.

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Prognostic factors for cerebral palsy and motor impairment in children born very preterm or very low birthweight: a systematic review. Dev Med Child Neurol. Oesophageal atresia with no distal tracheoesophageal fistula: Management and outcomes from a population-based cohort.

Factors associated with maternal mortality at advanced maternal age: a population-based case—control study. Link to the publication or abstract Mcleish J.


The processes of implementing and sustaining an intensive volunteer one-to-one support doula service for disadvantaged pregnant women. Voluntary Sector Review. J Antimicrob Chemother. Eye Lond. Prevention of neural tube defects in the UK: a missed opportunity. Prevalence of microcephaly in Europe: population based study. IndOSS-Assam: investigating the feasibility of introducing a simple maternal morbidity surveillance and research system in Assam, India. Association between maternal anaemia and pregnancy outcomes: a cohort study in Assam, India. Risk factors and newborn outcomes associated with maternal deaths in the UK from to a national case—control study.

Breastfeeding in England: time trends to and inequalities by area profile. Breastfeeding in the 21st century. Exclusive breastfeeding duration and infant infection. Eur J Clin Nutr. Who is actually asked about their mental health in pregnancy and the postnatal period? Findings from a national survey. Impact of holding the baby following stillbirth on maternal mental health and well-being: findings from a national survey.

Explanations and information-giving: clinician strategies used in talking to parents of preterm infants. The current practice of handling and reporting missing outcome data in eight widely used PROMs in RCT publications: a review of the current literature.

Qual Life Res. The UK Midwifery System UKMidSS : a programme of work to establish a research infrastructure to carry out national studies of uncommon conditions and events in midwifery units. Maternal and neonatal outcomes of antenatal anemia in a Scottish population: a retrospective cohort study.


Towards optimising local reviews of severe incidents in maternity care: messages from a comparison of local and external reviews. A blinded randomised placebo-controlled trial investigating the efficacy of morphine analgesia for procedural pain in infants: Trial protocol [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review]. Early cranial ultrasound findings amongst infants with neonatal encephalopathy in Uganda: an observational study. Pediatr Res. Pregnancy outcomes in women with mechanical prosthetic heart valves: a prospective descriptive population based study using the United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System UKOSS data collection system.

Moderate hypothermia within 6 h of birth plus inhaled xenon versus moderate hypothermia alone after birth asphyxia TOBY-Xe : a proof-of-concept, open-label, randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Neurology. Epidemiology of hypospadias in Europe: a registry-based study. World J Urol.