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After spending 11 years in the outdoor recreation industry Kristin returned home to Salmon, where she and her husband, Mark, purchased Idaho Adventures, a Salmon based river rafting and fishing business. Matkins received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Colorado and worked as an ecologist at various field stations across the Southern Rockies.

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Matkins started her land trust journey as an intern with the Wood River Land Trust before returning to graduate school at Oregon State University. Matkins is an avid outdoor enthusiast and especially enjoys hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and floating local rivers. In her BLM career Karen participated in fish and wildlife research, range and wildlife habitat management, stream surveys, and riparian surveys and management. Karen is married with a daughter and two step children. Some of his past experience includes evaluating federal land stewardship for the U.

Forest Service, providing land-use policy and economic counsel to the University of Georgia School of Forest Resources, and working as a forest technician for the Inland Empire Paper Company.

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DeForest also served as an advisor to U. Senator Slade Gorton in Washington D.

His roots to Spokane are deep. Gary started with the organization in November , after Michael Whitfield retired. Gary comes to us from the Blackfoot Challenge, a well-respected model of community-based conservation in Montana and throughout the West. Gary has 30 years of experience in natural resource management and nonprofit development. Gary has developed and directed annual fund, major gift and planned giving programs for local, regional and national organizations.

Gary serves as co-chair of the Southwestern Crown Collaborative of the landscape restoration program, on the leadership team for Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition, the coordinating committee for the Network for Landscape Conservation, volunteers on the local fire department as a fire fighter and board member, and serves on the Executive Committee for the Board of Sustainable Northwest.

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Socio-demographic predictors of both place identity and place dependence to the home and local area were also explored, these included length of residence, education, and owning one's home. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Download PDF Download. Author links open overlay panel Charis E.

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But this clause was never part of the original plan, he says. This could be considered unconstitutional.

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Mazabanda from Amazon Watch says the referendum question was a deception from the beginning. The people should have asked more directly whether they thought oil extraction should happen in Yasuni at all, he says. The way the question was posed shows that the government did not have the best interests in mind for the environment or the nearby indigenous communities, says Mazabanda. Kelly Swing, director and founder of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station with the University of San Francisco Quito, has long been studying the impacts of the oil industry on the Amazon rainforest. Better equipment today has reduced the risk of spills and leaks, and new extraction sites no longer use gas flares that emit toxins into the atmosphere.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. My name is Rachel Stephenson. I was born on the 1st of The Land of Outside Hearts - Kindle edition by Rachel Stephenson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. [EPUB] THE LAND OF OUTSIDE HEARTS by Rachel Stephenson. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online THE.

One of the textbook examples of this environmental catastrophe is the Texaco owned by Chevron since oil field that opened in the north of Ecuador in , which for decades had been dumping toxic waste into the Amazon. No one has ever assumed responsibility for cleaning up the toxins, and black pools of oil still sit in the rainforest, also affecting the communities just outside the city of Lago Agrio. In the case of the Amazon, extracting near bodies of water is particularly risky as these exacerbate the spread of oil.

Last year, state-owned PetroAmazonas started exploiting the Tambococha oil wells, which lie just behind the Tambococha and Jatuncocha lagoons. Locals and environmentalists are concerned that if there was a spill in any of the Tambococha wells, it would reach the lagoons and destroy the area. One of the bigger concerns for environmentalists is the construction of roads to access these remote extraction sites.

These roads often create a chain reaction that invites agriculture or other human activity, leading to mass deforestation. The area was once pristine rainforest but was opened up to extraction activities in the s, and today is almost completely surrounded by oil palm plantations. If this were to happen near Yasuni, it would be a disaster not just for the region but for the climate. New science is increasingly pointing to the need to save tropical forests as an essential way to address climate change. A Yasuni park guard, who asked not to be named as he was not authorized to speak to the media, says he is impressed by how PetroAmazonas has been running its operations in ITT.

The oil company has its own monitoring system, including camera traps, has modest-sized roads, and has employed biologists to ensure that its operations have the least environmental impact possible. This includes the 40 park guards working in Yasuni and staff from other environmental monitoring bodies. Granizo, who is currently the senior manager at the World Wildlife Fund in Quito, says he continues to promote the growth of the bio-economy.

This includes focusing exports on more sustainable initiatives, supporting local production and reducing consumption worldwide.